Database SQLAlchemy models for UNIHAN. Part of the cihai project. Powered by unihan-etl. See also: libUnihan.

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By default, unihan-db creates a SQLite database in an XDG data directory. You can specify a custom database destination by passing a database url into get_session.

Example usage#

#!/usr/bin/env python
import pprint

from sqlalchemy.sql.expression import func

from unihan_db import bootstrap
from unihan_db.tables import Unhn

session = bootstrap.get_session()


random_row = session.query(Unhn).order_by(

pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=0)



$ ./examples/01_bootstrap.py


{'char': '鎷',
'kCantonese': [{'char_id': '鎷', 'definition': 'maa5', 'id': 24035}],
'kDefinition': [],
'kHanYu': [{'char_id': '鎷',
          'id': 24014,
          'locations': [{'character': 5,
                       'generic_indice_id': 24014,
                       'generic_reading_id': None,
                       'id': 42170,
                       'page': 4237,
                       'virtual': 0,
                       'volume': 6}],
          'type': 'kHanYu'}],
'kHanyuPinyin': [{'char_id': '鎷',
                'id': 18090,
                'locations': [{'character': 5,
                             'generic_indice_id': None,
                             'generic_reading_id': 18090,
                             'id': 42169,
                             'page': 4237,
                             'virtual': 0,
                             'volume': 6}],
                'readings': [{'generic_reading_id': 18090,
                            'id': 26695,
                            'reading': 'mǎ'}],
                'type': 'kHanyuPinyin'}],
'kMandarin': [{'char_id': '鎷', 'hans': 'mǎ', 'hant': 'mǎ', 'id': 23486}],
'ucn': 'U+93B7'}


poetry is a required package to develop.

git clone https://github.com/cihai/unihan-etl.git

cd unihan-etl

poetry install -E "docs test coverage lint format"

Makefile commands prefixed with watch_ will watch files and rerun.


poetry run py.test

Helpers: make test Rerun tests on file change: make watch_test (requires entr(1))


Default preview server: http://localhost:8041

cd docs/ and make html to build. make serve to start http server.

Helpers: make build_docs, make serve_docs

Rebuild docs on file change: make watch_docs (requires entr(1))

Rebuild docs and run server via one terminal: make dev_docs (requires above, and a make(1) with -J support, e.g. GNU Make)

Formatting / Linting#

The project uses black and isort (one after the other) and runs flake8 via CI. See the configuration in pyproject.toml and setup.cfg:

make black isort: Run black first, then isort to handle import nuances make flake8, to watch (requires entr(1)): make watch_flake8


As of 0.1, poetry handles virtualenv creation, package requirements, versioning, building, and publishing. Therefore there is no setup.py or requirements files.

Update __version__ in __about__.py and pyproject.toml:

git commit -m 'build(unihan-db): Tag v0.1.1'
git tag v0.1.1
git push
git push --tags
poetry build
poetry deploy